Building Your Personal Brand

In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a fast-paced world. (#sarcasm) With the strides that have been made in technology in the last decade, the beat of life pitter-patters at a much quicker pace than ever before. With this escalated hustle comes a need (a necessity, even) for people to explore opportunities and seek outlets to create and develop a “personal brand.” And I’m not just speaking about personal branding at a “Kardashian”-like scale. For anyone and everyone who has access to the digital world, there should be motivation – an obligation, even – to build and develop a personal brand.

Personal branding allows you to set yourself apart from the rest. It fosters a chance for you to promote your unique skillset, and affords an ability to explore opportunities in employment, entrepreneurism and self-discovery. And as the lines between work and personal lives continue to blur, it has become even more pertinent to build yourself as a relevant and unique person in your respective market.

Personally, I have found that building my own personal brand has been an ever-changing process. For me, each experience I encounter builds on my brand –often times evolving it from one point to another –which keeps things interesting, to be honest. There is always room for growth, and room to expand on your personal brand.

Late last month, Mashable’s #BizChats chat on Twitter tackled the fundamentals of setting a solid personal brand. Brand experts and leadership consultants, including Alexis Grant and William Arruda (among others) pulled together to share their thoughts on personal branding. Tracey Edouard highlights some of the main points of discussion on An interesting read, it pulls together thoughts around everything from taking a stand on issues and thoughts, to self-investment and stressing self-assessment.

Interested in learning more about how or why it’s relevant to build a personal brand? Learn more with these great reads at and



One response to “Building Your Personal Brand

  1. Hey Wendel LOVED this article on building a personal brand–to me its a life-long pursuit and one that will literally take me around the world.

    I follow Alexis too–she’s amazing. Anyway keep up the awesome writing. Yoori and I are wishing you the best–from Istanbul! 😉

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