What’s in my carry-on?

It’s been a while since I posted last, and that’s because I’ve had several business trips happening in the last couple of months. Being in and out of planes, trains and automobiles every now and then can be mentally and physically exhausting… but it also certainly has its perks. But at the end of a long (or even sometimes short!) business trip, the only true “perks” that I look forward to is being able to cook my own meals, lounge around my apartment reading through my stack of magazines, and then getting to sleep comfortably in my own bed. Yes, there’s no place like home.

Nevertheless, my career and my personal love for travel does keep me on-the-go now & then; it’s a reality that I embrace wholeheartedly despite my love for those cozy nights at home. When I do have to board a plane, I look forward to sifting through the in-flight magazine. I may be one of the only ones in the planet who still loves to peruse the pages of the in-flight magazine more so because of the little tidbits they offer on travel. There’s always a little something to learn about an obscure South American town that’s bubbling up on the tourism scene, or the latest festival that will brighten up a major Western European city even more. Then there are the travel profiles of celebrities, politicians and CEOs –all of which give readers a glimpse of the diversity in travel and in the traveler’s experience. Reading these articles and write-ups always gets my mind thinking about my own travel habits –what I like, what I do not like, where I love to go, where I least like to travel to, etc. It makes me laugh thinking about some of the experiences that I’ve had on the road, I must say. But no matter what, whether I am traveling for business of for pleasure, I do appreciate having the world as my own personal oyster.

Here are some of my personal travel tidbits to share…

Airline: I make it no secret that my airline of choice is Delta, and it has been for several years now. As soon as I check-in for a flight, I know what to expect, and thankfully I’ve had a consistent experience each and every time. Once I am in my seat (whether in economy, business or anywhere in-between), I already feel at home.

In-flight Snack: My heart (and my stomach) loves the Biscoff cookies, which I can now thankfully find at my local grocery store. But my head says the peanuts are best: simple, lightly salted, and not at all heavy.

In-flight Drink: I’m usually a vodka martini kind of guy on the ground, but on a plane I like to keep it simpler and go with a vodka-soda. But a nice bottle of water helps to keep me hydrated while up in the air.

In-flight Tunes: I tend to be content with the sound of the air blowing around inside the cabin. I find something about it calming. But when I do have the urge to listen to something more melodic, I go with whatever is on my iPod/iPhone. Right now it’s Beyonce’s XO.”

Most Recent Trip: I’ve had several business trips recently, but one of the more recent was to La Quinta (just outside of Palm Springs, CA), where I managed an on/off-property experience that we’ve rolled-out for our hotel brand. The nice thing about this trip was that I got to personally extend my weekend in Los Angeles to hang with friends in my old stomping grounds.

Personal Care Essential: No question –I don’t get on a plane without my lip balm. And if for some reason I forget it at home, then I’ve got to buy a new one at the gift shop.

travelstuffTravel Outfit & Accessory: When I’m traveling for business, I’m usually dressed in my usual business casual wear. But when I travel personally, I keep it extremely comfy for the plane. I love these khaki denim-like pants that I got from a Jack Jones store in Berlin. They go well with a pair of high-tops (my current fave is a pair of Nike Mavrks that I scored during a recent business trip to Park City). A comfy v-neck tee and a casual hoodie ties the look together (I recently found a Bench. hoodie that I love traveling with). I also love to bring a light scarf, which helps when it feels a little too cold in the cabin. A personal favorite is a cream and brown Moschino scarf that I picked-up at Century21 in Manhattan’s Financial District.

travelgearFavorite Airport: I know a lot of people would moan about this choice, but I have to say that I absolutely love flying in/out/through CDG (Charles De Gaulle)… and not just because I love Paris (although that helps), nor because CDG is a major Delta hub. CDG has been, for me, my gateway to Europe more so than LHR (Heathrow) or AMS (Schipol) have (Not that I mind traveling through LHR nor AMS, though, to be clear!). CDG has always been interesting to me because I find it bustling, a great place to people-watch, and the food choices are fun. From Paul to Ladurée, there’s something interesting for everyone. And those Air France lounges—amazing!

So what is in your carry-on?


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