Dress Pant Sweatpants

It’s no secret that the business casual look has evolved through the years. With companies promoting a summer casual dress environment (a la “casual Fridays”), and other work places even supporting completely lax office wear year-round, it’s no surprise that the casual look seems to be getting more… casual. So casual, in fact, that in some cases wearing jeans to work is out-right normal. These days, the “athleisure” trend is totally taking hold. With high-end work-out gear now taking a growing share of the fashion market, Lululemon yoga pants just may be making an appearance in an office near you (if they haven’t already).

Even though women have been sporting dressy sweat pants for a while now, even men are starting to get their skin in the “athleisure” wear game. Hoodies and sneakers have come a long way, and have even cracked the casual Friday work ensemble. But no one would have ever guessed that “dressy” sweat pants with a shirt and blazer could ever pass-off as acceptable work wear. I mean what does “dressy sweat pants” even mean?

The online clothing community, ẞetabrand, features Gray Dress Pant Sweatpants which retails for about $108 a pair. They are made with a straight-leg and relaxed fit, and aren’t exactly made too skinny nor too baggy like classic sweats. The pants are made in a super-soft French terry, and feature 5-pockets: welt pockets with button closures in the rear, and slash pockets in the front. The brand considers the pants the “world’s most sophisticated-looking sweats.”

dress_sweatsI might actually agree. At first glance, the pants look more “wool” than French terry. So the fabric gives off the look and sophistication of high-end trousers (and at $108 a pop, they compete from a price-point perspective, too), yet the feel is extremely comfortable. From work to bed, the pants could be the next best thing to happen to men’s fashion. And with several colors to choose from, and even different prints and finishes, there could be an option for everyone.

ẞetabrand is a San Francisco-based company claiming that fans co-design pieces. The brand seems to have spearheaded other web-based fashion hits like “Bike-to-Workwear” and “Executive Hoodies.” The online community also serves as a platform for members to submit new design ideas, which are then voted on by other “fans.” Then once enough community members fund a particular prototype, the product then evolves into a full-blown ẞetabrand product. The clothing site offers a pretty wide range of product lines for men and women, and seems to be the future of fashion as we know it.

So are Dress Pant Sweatpants for you?


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