Style Check: Men’s Swim Shorts

The official start of the summer beach season is literally around the corner… which only means –with that comes a lot of responsibility and preparation; even so for men! For some, there is a need for a pre-tan. (Fake-bakers, don’t be ashamed.) For others, there is the matter of laying off anything that will cause bloating. (Yes, men get bloated, too. And some of us actually care about it!) And still for others, there is the last-minute manscaping routine: a little shaving here and there, clipping toe-nails, and moisturizing… lots and lots of moisturizing. We may not have as much to worry about compared to our female friends, but for those of us who care – there is definitely room for improvement to encourage an onslaught of appropriate (or inappropriate in some cases?) preening.

One of the things that I’ve started to pay more attention to in the last few years is how to pick the right swimsuit. Typically, this is an issue that women are faced with this time of the year. But as my personal taste and style have come to evolve, I’ve come to realize that finding the right swimsuit actually does matter to me. And it should actually matter to other men out there as well.

Probably the most important thing to consider is the overall fit of the swimsuit, be it trunks or board shorts. I’m not a tall guy, but thankfully I’m not exactly short either. Regardless, I have the opportunity to give off the impression that I am definitely not short, and actually quite proportionate in size. And since my legs are definitely an asset, it’s only apt that I show them off fittingly. To ensure this, I never opt for swim shorts that go below my knee, and I also choose a fit that is slimmer than usual; baggy shorts make me look puffier than I probably actually am, and the longer the length, the shorter I appear.

I feel that guys who are taller and leaner can surely pull-off the long-board shorts look. After all, they have the obvious height to work with. If you’re shorter and lean, the shorter length complements the overall look. For those guys who might be tall, yet “portlier,” the long board shorts will work fine as well. But if you are shorter and with a little extra room above the waist, again, the shorter length of the swim shorts will draw more attention (positive, I hope!) to your legs, and not to your beer gut. (Just sayin’.) Choosing the right length will allow for a cleaner, streamlined look and feel that will draw more positive attention at the pool or beach than anything.

Bright colors and prints also go a long way, and the bolder the color or print, the more confidence you give off. Here are some options that I think will make a great addition to your summer pool/beach looks:

ImageA.P.C. has long been a champion of minimalist design when it comes to clothing and accessories. The Parisian label steers clear from loose-fitting looks, and banks on clean lines and simple patterns. The Tooshie Swim Shorts is printed with a bandana motif. These shorts cut above the knee, and give enough room for ample movement, without the over-excess of fabric. The shorts include a back patch pocket, and an elasticated, gathered adjustable waist. $265.00 at

Image The All-Over Print Swimshorts from Danish brand Jack & Jones offers a light-hearted feel with its classic palm trees and blue skies print. More in line with the traditional surfer board short, this option includes a zipped fly, Velcro back pocket, as well as an elasticated waist with velcro and drawstrings. Available outside the U.S. at a mere €29.95, this is an option that won’t break the bank. You can learn more here.

ImageFor an option that is completely fashion-forward, the 6” Catalonia Ionia Stripe from Parke & Ronen is the perfect choice. The refined versatile swim short takes a slimmer approach to the beach, and features a low-rise –again, perfect for guys who aren’t too tall, nor too short. The slim leg and vertical stripes give off a look that is sleek. These go for about $140.00 at

Whatever you do this summer, be sure to go all in with as much confidence as you can. After all, you’ve worked hard to play hard… and there’s no better place to play than at the beach.


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